Wintergreen, Peppermint, Elemi, and White Camphor Therapeutic Grade E.O, with Arnica and Full Spectrum CBD in Organic Coconut oil. 


    Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils:

    Wintergreen, Peppermint, Elemi, and White Camphor

    Wintergreen revitalizes exhausted muscles, helps decrease spasms, and relieve pain.

    Peppermint helps to reduce redness, irritation, and inflammation.

    Elemi encourages circulation which helps to detox skin.

    White Camphor helps relieve pain and inflammation

    Other Ingredients:

    CBDa Oil is a miracle oil. Applied topically, it is provides potent relief of pain and muscle soreness, and reduces inflammation.

    Arnica has strong anti-inflammotory properities. It helps soothe pain and swelling associated with bruises, aches, and sprains.

    All  Essential Oils used are the best quality: Young Living, DoTerra, or Mountain Rose Herbs. 

    Please note, these statements have not been approved by the FDA.  These products are not a drug and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Sacred Root- Muscle Melt Roller